Underwater Inspection


Location and Recovery of Subsea Trawler Resistant Sensor Pods-Customer/Woods Hole Group,Massachusetts USA



Grouting and Custom Plugging of Leaks at 100 Meter Depth - Customer/ Druk Green Power Corporation, Tala HPP, Bhutan



Cable Route, Cable Touchdown, and Post-lay  Surveys - Customer / Northwest Underwater Construction and BC Hydro, Vancouver and Victoria BC, Canada



5 Kilometer External Ocean Outfall Survey - Customer / LA County Sanitation and Ballard Diving and Salvage, Hyperion Outfall, Los Angeles, CA USA



ROV Dredging Adjacent to Active High Head Pumps - Customer / California Department of Water Resources and Hitachi, Edmonston, CA



 2 Kilometer Tunnel Inspection- Customer / S]VN, NathpaJhakri HPP, India



Flooded Mine Debris Removal and Bulkhead Placement - Customer/Offshore Innovative Solutions  and Cigar Lake Mine, Saskatchewan, Canada



2 Kilometer Internal Water Main Inspection - Customer / Chun Wo Development Holdings and Ballard Diving and Salvage, Victoria Harbor Hong Kong



3D Sonar, Dredging and Debris Removal - Customer / Socoin, Peares Darn, Spain



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